Alfakom Premium

ο Alfakom Basic is a comprehensive management platform that can be customized to the needs of each company. A system that can be used for all industries. Through it you have full supervision of your company fleet. You insure your vehicles and cargo, organize your clientele and your routes. Optimal routing saves time and costs. It is also possible to interface with merchandising systems (erp-crm). You can connect either from a computer, or from a mobile phone or tablet via an application

Fleet control

  • Collectively all vehicles
  • Important information (speed, direction, parked, parked, idling, analog values ​​of temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Separation of vehicles according to their condition
  • Additional details (tachograph, battery power, etc.)
  • Control vehicles and drivers at any time in real time on google maps, satellite view, street view, traffic statistics on the map

Vehicle history

  • History of routes, stops, idling
  • Driver work hours history
  • Refueling and fuel consumption history
  • Path visualization and representation
  • Export history to excel, pdf
  • Maintenance management (services, insurances, KTEO, etc.)
  • Link to create a vehicle location with limited rights

Detailed Reports

  • Detailed statistics for vehicles and drivers
  • Detailed statistics for routes etc.
  • Comparisons of vehicles and drivers
  • Measurements of analog & digital values
  • Incident reports
  • Link to detailed statistics
  • Reporting operating expenses

Settings and notifications

  • Vehicle settings
  • Create guides
  • Create and Display Points of Interest (POI) & geozone
  • Update on when entering and exiting points of interest
  • Link for live vehicle location with limited rights
  • Create optimal routes to save costs, time, unnecessary kilometers and organize your company
  • Driving behavior to reduce damage to vehicles through poor driving and save fuel due to engine overload
  • Email notifications & push notifications (audio)
  • Immediate updates (engine on / off, speed limits, temperature limits, crossing control zones, etc.)


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