Vehicle Fleet Management

Alfakom offers innovative solutions for your vehicle fleet management!

Alfakom provides integrated systems for vehicle fleet management, in order to meet the needs of each individual customer or company. By choosing the appropriate system, you are given the possibility of immediate monitoring of your vehicles. Alfakom's vehicle fleet management systems enable you to control the overall movement of your fleet. This way you can organize your company better and increase its productivity, saving time and money. At the same time, you will increase the safety of both your vehicles and your drivers.

Basic Features

Fleet Monitoring

Remote Download Of Digital Tachograph Data

GPS Tracking And Live Data



Fleet Maintenance


Temperature Monitoring

Vehicle Control


Route Planning

Mobile Application

Fuel Control

Driver Behavior

Truck tracking

With gps tracking devices, locating your company's vehicles becomes an easy task. You will be able to see the exact location of all your vehicles on the map throughout the day. At the same time, you will have direct access to the history, where there is detailed information about the routes taken, the stops, with the switch on or off, as well as other actions recorded by the vehicles.

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Fuel monitoring

Fuel management is very important for transport companies due to the high fuel consumption of trucks. Alfakom enables you to monitor your truck's fuel tank, both during its journey and when it is stationary. You can check your fuel consumption through multiple reports and graphs, which will provide you with accurate information. You will be informed immediately about the status of the fuel tank, for example the opening and closing of the oil cap. In addition, you will have access to all the data provided by the truck's brain, as these will be displayed in the management system (engine temperature, revolutions per minute, tachograph, gas percentage, speed, idle, fuel, etc.).

Temperature Monitoring and Recording

Alfakom provides you the ability of temperature control. You can check the temperature of refrigerated trucks in real time and generate reports or graphs of the temperatures by exporting them in pdf or excel formats. You will be informed immediately about the defrost time calculation or about the state of the door (open or closed). It is especially useful for the transport of live animals, perishable products, refrigerated trucks and any other situations where temperature recording is required.

Routing and driver rating

With Alfakom's fleet management systems, you can easily and quickly create your routes. Proper routing enhances efficiency and saves a lot of money on fuel and labor hours. Choose your customers, and the Alfakom system will find the best route to visit them. You can define routes, arrival times, or durations of stops, and more. You have the ability to communicate bidirectionally with your drivers via mobile or tablet devices. Additionally, you can receive updates about routes in progress. You'll be notified in case of deviations from the planned route and informed whether the delivery was completed, delayed, or unsuccessful. This way, you can monitor and evaluate performance, driving quality, and order execution effectively.