Passenger Transportation

Fuel-Engine Data

You will have the ability to monitor fuel levels and tank capacity at any time. You can view the information provided by the bus's engine, as it is captured in the management system. If less fuel is placed than required, you'll be able to see this by monitoring the fuel percentage in the tank. Additionally, you can track the bus's fuel consumption from trip to trip. You also have the option to reduce your expenses and save money by avoiding extended idling.

Notifications and Alerts

With Alfakom's system, you have the ability to receive notifications if fuel is suddenly removed from the tank, alerting you immediately to potential theft or fuel loss. You can also view this information within the system using provided charts and data. Additionally, you'll receive alerts if the fuel tank is opened for refueling, showing when and where it was accessed. Furthermore, you'll receive notifications if speed limits are exceeded, if the bus exits a predefined geographical zone, or if it operates outside authorized hours (unauthorized movement). These notifications can be delivered via email, SMS, or push notifications. This way, you have complete control over your fleet no matter where you are.


Additional features

Alfakom provides the capability to issue a link for real-time tracking of your bus by your partners or customers. Additionally, it offers onboard WiFi services for passengers to stay connected throughout their journey. You can monitor your bus at any time and check metrics such as mileage, stops, operating hours, and more. Moreover, you have the option to install 3G, 4G, and WiFi cameras in the bus area. This allows you to have complete oversight of the interior or exterior space you want to monitor, remotely from your mobile device, with the ability to record for extended periods.