6 Reasons to Install a Digital Tachograph in Your Trucks

One of the most important tasks in fleet management is to ensure that drivers operate in compliance with regulations. Monitoring the data collected from tachographs is crucial as it helps fleet managers track driver performance, which directly impacts overall productivity. Fortunately, modern tachographs can connect via various protocols like K-Line, ALL-CAN, Tacho CAN, or FMS, facilitating the transfer and analysis of data in real-time. This capability allows fleet managers to access real-time information and monitor driver progress and outcomes. As a result, fleet managers can effectively manage drivers’ working hours, control fuel consumption, improve road safety, and optimize overall fleet performance. The ability to read data in real-time is undoubtedly an essential tool in the daily operations of modern fleets.

  • A digital tachograph provides accurate recordings of driving time, speed, and other driving-related data.
  • Using a digital tachograph ensures compliance with the laws and regulations of the European Parliament.
  • Safety improvement during journeys. 
  • Reduction of fuel costs.
  • With the use of a digital tachograph, time management is improved, leading to more efficient work organization.
  • The use of a digital tachograph contributes to environmental improvement and helps achieve EU environmental regulations. 

Teltonika FMC 650 is a highly advanced and top-of-the-range GPS Tracker designed to provide secure location-based services to its users. Whether you want to monitor your fleet, your workers or your vehicles, the FMC 650 is the ultimate solution you need.

Reliable 4G connection with an alternative 2G network ensures broad coverage of your fleet management needs. It provides the ability to read live tachograph data via K-Line, Tacho CAN or FMS connections for daily driver management and fleet performance. In addition, it provides remote control, alarm notifications and real-time monitoring updates, among other features.  

Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large corporation, the FMC 650 is an invaluable tool that can help you optimize your operations and increase your profits.