Construction machinery

Machine tracking

Alfakom enables you to monitor the exact location of all the machinery-vehicles of your construction site live on the map throughout the day. You can easily take control of your machines, with direct access to the history. In it you can find information about the routes taken, the stops that have been made with the switch on or off, as well as other actions recorded by the vehicles. Furthermore, you have the ability to record operating hours, making it easier for you to manage payments to your partners and employees. Payments can be based on machine mileage or actual operating hours. Additionally, you can remotely deactivate machines if desired. You can also monitor machine brain data, which is customized to the management system. Another crucial feature offered by Alfakom is the issuance of a special link for your clients. This allows them to have full oversight of the mechanical equipment.

Notifications - Anti-theft function

You can stay informed via email, SMS, or push notifications. You will receive alerts in case of towing, removal from specific predefined areas, or movement during unauthorized hours. This way, you can protect your machines from theft. Additionally, you'll be notified if your partners are working actual hours or if there are any unnecessary kilometers, stops, etc. You'll also receive updates regarding maintenance, servicing, or oil changes.