Live Temperature Data Of Refrigerated Chambers

Alfakom offers a comprehensive solution for recording and monitoring temperatures at various points in the cold chain. We utilize the most advanced BLE temperature sensor technology along with devices that directly connect to your refrigeration unit (Carrier-Thermoking) to ensure the accuracy and stability of our measurements.

Our customers can customize the frequency of measurements according to their needs and receive immediate alerts via email, mobile app notification, and SMS if the temperature exceeds the preset thresholds. Additionally, we provide a user-friendly fleet management platform where our customers can monitor their measurements in real-time and access the history of temperature data, along with a variety of customized reports tailored to their specific requirements. 

Link for location with temperature

Alfakom offers the capability for owners of refrigerated chambers to send their customers a link with location and temperature details, ensuring both the taken route and the temperature at all points along the journey, as well as the total kilometers and stops.