Solutions and Applications

360* services in vehicle fleet management from ALFAKOM

Corporate Fleets

Use vehicle reservations, fleet efficiency and other solutions to ensure efficient use of all your company’s vehicles.

Construction Machinery

Viewing the location of your vehicles, setting geofences and getting detailed reports will be quick and easy with our solutions.

Passenger Transportation

GPS tracking and driver behavior are just some of the fleet telematics solutions you can use to boost fleet performance and improve road safety. 

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Digital Tachograph Data​

Connection with a digital tachograph, Representation of data on a platform. Regulatory Compliance, Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance, Enforcement and Inspections, Improved Fleet Management, Driver Fatigue Prevention, Evidence Support.

Live Temperature Data of Refrigerated Chambers

We use the most advanced BLE temperature sensor technology as well as devices that connect directly to your thermometer (Carrier-Themorking) to ensure the accuracy and stability of our measurements.


See where your employees and assets are, track vehicle fuel levels and communicate with drivers at any time using our mobile apps, gps tracking and other functions.


With Alfakom’s systems, you will be able to monitor your boat with a live display on the map throughout its movement, as well as when it is stopped.  

Rental Vehicles

Improve the performance and safety of your fleet with Alfakom’s advanced rental vehicle management systems.